Welcome to MEG Community

Start or grow YOUR business YOUR way and define success on YOUR terms. Make it fun!

About US

MEG Community embodies the spirit of can-do entrepreneurship! We believe success is rarely accidental and that results require action. We infuse "the spirit of do" into all our programs and activities! 

MEG Community is built around five guiding principles: Inspiration. Support. Education. Collaboration. ACTION! Our programs can help you build a  successful business and live a fulfilled life by giving you the tools to:

* build a solid foundation for your business launch and/or growth

* maintain a strong mindset throughout the inevitable challenges along the way

* move through doubt, fear and uncertainty and step into confidence as an entrepreneur.

How do we do this? Through our membership programs, both free and paid.

Membership Levels

We support and nurture small business owners with three levels of member participation:

Leaf Member (Free) 

Once you join MEG Community, you are immediately a FREE Leaf Member. Join us at our two free networking events and our free educational webinar each month. Put up your profile. Introduce yourself. Get social. Take advantage of our other free educational resources that rotate through this space every few weeks. NOTE: Scroll down for our upcoming events.

Branch Member (Monthly) 

Want to do more? Great! Join as a Branch member for $24.97/month. You may cancel at any time. In addition to all the Leaf member benefits, you can also attend Early Bird Cowork Hours (Tuesdays, 9 AM to 10:15 AM EDT; one hour of coworking and 15 minutes of spot coaching). Plus you are part of two cohorts: Branch Resources and Office Hours (3rd Wednesday, 4 PM EDT) and Questions. 

Premier Tree Member (Quarterly or Annually)

Are you ready to dig in and get serious about building the business of your dreams? Whether you are launching or relaunching your first business, or growing your existing, established small business to the next level, this is the best group for you. Fair warning, though, there is magic in the air at the Tree level! Seeds for growth are sown EVERYWHERE! In our weekly POWER HOURs (half co-work and half conversation / learning / sharing / overcoming challenges / mini-mastermind), the seeds are nurtured and tended constantly. The resulting sprouts grow into strong seedlings and then trees through participation in various focus groups, webinars, co-work sessions and other programs. 

You choose the level of nurturing and growth you desire as you launch a new business or grow your existing business to a new level.  Are you a leaf? a branch? a tree? No matter the level you choose, MEG Community is here to help you along your entrepreneurial journey.

Why You Should Join Us

At the heart of it, our MEG Community is about giving yourself tools that empower you to become a better small business owner and to gain critical knowledge and support as you start OR grow your business. When you become a premier MEG Tree member, you are committing to working ON, not just IN, your business, on a steady basis. Small, consistent steps equal huge progress in achieving your goals, growing your business, and taming overwhelm. 

We believe educated business owners have a greater opportunity to succeed in a shorter period of time.  By becoming a MEG Tree member, you are making a choice to learn from experts at an affordable price. POWER HOURs alone can be a game-changer for you and your business. Use Early Bird Coworking Hours, with Spot Coaching, with live access to experts each week, to work ON, not just IN, your business on a consistent basis. And the videos! You will meet experts with deep knowledge of key topics unfamiliar to you…topics you need to know. You are also learning about what to look for in a professional when you are ready to outsource…BEFORE you hire them. That’s another win for you.  

There is so much you don’t know as a small business owner. You don’t even know what you don’t know. That is completely normal.  Ask yourself: Can I afford NOT to have the expertise offered in POWER HOURs, MEG videos, and MEG programs? Not knowing about these critical small business subjects can carry a big price tag.

And if you are not ready for the MEG Tree membership just yet, we understand. You will find great value in either MEG Branch membership, with two monthly networking events and a monthly small business webinar, or in the free MEG Leaf membership, where you can network each month with other small business owners and expand your professional contacts.

Free Events and Resources

Free Webinar, Tue., May 23 at Noon EDT

To attend this webinar, first, join MEG as a free Leaf Member. Go to the Events tab. RSVP to access the Zoom link. 

Free Networking, 2nd Wednesday at 11AM EDT and 4th Wednesday at 4 PM EDT

Network with other MEG Community members for free each month! Meet other small business owners to share victories and challenges, and expand your professional network, and get your "ask" out there! 

It is more important than ever to build your professional network through solid business relationships. We start by getting to know each other and building trust and connection. 

Join as Free Leaf Member. Go to Events tab. RSVP to access the Zoom link. 

A sampling of our prior webinars. These presentations are now in our Premier MEG Tree Member resource area.

Ground Rules

We want this to be a fun, collaborative and supportive space where small business owners can use their time effectively and get the most out of their MEG Community experience. To achieve this, we've created a few Ground Rules to keep all our compasses pointed to true north. Please review these before joining the community and refer back to them on occasion to make sure you're staying within the bounds of these guiding principles.

Ground Rules:

  1. No shameless self-promotion of your business and/or products/services without explicit prior consent of the host, or one of our moderators. Don't spam the community with links to blog posts, podcast episodes, YouTube channels/videos, or similar. If you share content with no meaningful commentary for discussion, your posts will be deleted. For repeat offenders, you will be ejected from the community altogether. (Empower others to share your content here, so it comes with credibility. How do you do that? Make your content worth sharing!)

  2. Only individuals may join the community (i.e., a real person's name, not a business or organization's entity name or logo). All others will be warned and then removed. We highly encourage members to put up a real picture of you (or at least an awesome caricature!) in your profile. In our community, we want to engage with human-focused content, not faceless posts and comments. 

  3. You can disagree with anyone without being disagreeable. Be constructive, positive and stay on topic--small business launch / relaunch and small business growth. Waiver from these principles, and we may or may not warn you before banning you from the community. It's really important for this to be a safe space for people to share, learn and grow. If they feel like they're being attacked, that's not good.

  4. At the same time, while this is a safe space, it's not a space for oversharing. That potentially creates a data privacy risk for you. Please start conversations and equip community members with only the needed information to help and be helped. Untoward or unsavory details shared are not helpful. Rule of thumb: If you must question whether it's appropriate, it's probably not. 😉

Robin Suomi and the moderators in the focus groups will post events, learning opportunities, courses, group coaching, mastermind groups, and other activities from time-to-time for you to engage. Please set up your notification preferences to get those you want and to stop the ones you don't want.